Plastik & Musa! @ Fantasy Faire 2013

Published April 19, 2013 by lola79hienrichs

Just one more until Fantasy Faire 2013 begins, I am sure you are just excited as I am to see what new items will be offered. Today I will be showcasing the new skins from Plastik and some fantasy poses by Musa!.

As always you can always count on Aikea to create the most colorful line in skins especially when it comes to her fantasy skin lines. The Arkasia Skin line features so many options but it is particularly created for the mer-world in SL. I thought I would go a bit different and stray away from the typical mermaid look and transformed my av into a Water Nymph. I figured it would be cute to wear the skin with the scale options. The skin pack contains several tattoo layer options for head tiaras, lipstick, blush, etc… I loved the variety in this pack because you can customize the skin to make it unique to your look.
Plastik & Musa @ Fantasy Faire 2013

I teleported to one of my fave spots to take pictures, World’s End Garden. To my surprise they had redone the area since the last time I had visited. Now its a underwater area and has wonderful places to take pictures. The following two pictures I took near a area that had bubbles simulating that I was underwater.
Plastik & Musa @ Fantasy Faire 2013

Plastik & Musa @ Fantasy Faire 2013

I loved these skins and I really had a hard time deciding on which color to blog. I chose the turqa skin because the color was so rich and vibrant and would look awesome in the outfits by Evie’s Closet. I urge you to check out these skins, the detail is absolutely breathtaking. Also, Musa! is a new to me store and from what I see so far they have a promising future in SL. They have unique fantasy poses and beautiful makeup.

Review Items:

  • :[P]:-The Arkasia Skins:// Turqa @ Eversong Woods Fantasy Faire 2013
  • !Musa! Enchanted Moon Pose FF2013 @ Magnificat Fantasy Faire 2013
  • !Musa! Dance with Sylph Pose FF2013 @ Magnificat Fantasy Faire 2013

Items Worn:

  • ::Exile::Sea of Love: Wildcards
  • +PE+Tentacle Hair
  • Slink Womens Natural Barefeet (Mesh Rigged)
  • *EC* Lumina Mermaid – Water Nymph (Aqua)

Location: World’s End Garden

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