:{MV}: at World Goth Fair

Published May 16, 2013 by lola79hienrichs

So about a month ago I discovered :{MV}: aka Malfean Visions owned by Lokii Violet. I was so excited to find a new goth store with a ton of amazing items. I loved how all her creations intermingled with each other. What I really lusted for were her boots and shoes. I mean this lady makes some sexy shoes and boots. And well since I like to hoard I welcomed them to inventory wholeheartedly.

There are three special outfits set out as exclusive items at WGF. I am going to showcase all of them. And yes this post is going to be picture heavy since I also wanted to showcase the lovely skin by Voshie Paine for la petite morte. Voshie has 6 makeup versions for the ophelia skin line and the 6th makeup version is an exclusive version for WGF.

First up is the Isabella Dress. I chose the color Vitae because it sounded all kinds of exotic to me. Lo and behold it was a beautiful dark red color. I love the lace piping detail on the bodice and the intricate fabric detail. I especially loved the skirt, it reminded me of the styles of skirts that are currently in right now, the high/low skirts.
:{MV}: at World Goth Fair
So this is the closeup. You can get a better view of the top and the amazing posture collar that you can also purchase at
:{MV}: booth.
:{MV}: at World Goth Fair

The second outfit is the Bad Habit Dress. This dress is a strapless tube dress with wonderful texture work. It features a upside down crucifix as a design on the bottom of the dress so I pulled out one of my fave makeups from Sn@tch to match the dress. The dress is short and sexy and shows a fun playful side with just a splash of color. The texture work is amazing as always.
:{MV}: at World Goth Fair
Now is the up-close version so you can see the makeup and the texturing on the dress.
:{MV}: at World Goth Fair

Last but not least is the Hallows Dress. This outfit comes with a underbra corset and a posture collar along with a lovely pair of boots. I loved how beautiful the pieces worked together and I didn’t have a hard time fixing things to my size (i.e. the prim skirt). I loved the rich colorful texture work and I can’t believe but Lokii got me to wear pink items 2 times in this post LOL.
:{MV}: at World Goth Fair
Now for the closeup on the beautiful posture collar.
:{MV}: at World Goth Fair

Items Available @ World Goth Fair:

  • :{MV}: Isabella Dress (M) Vitae
  • .la petite morte. ophelia T1 M3 CL
  • .{Rue}. Eyes/Pluto: Fae
  • :{MV}: Bad Habit Dress (M) Sophie Rose
  • :{MV}: Hallows Sophie Rose

Other Items Worn:

  • :{MV}: Derezzed Boots (M-L) Onyx
  • :{MV}: Widow Collar (M) Onyx Leather
  • MG – Eyelashes – Wild Full Thick
  • Vestigium – Octapus [up] I
  • Vestigium – Lady Muerta [T] III
  • ::Exile:: Your Winter:Noir
  • :::Sn@tch Tattoo Makeup (Damned):::
  • :{MV}: Gilded Rose Heels

Pose Prop: Savoir Faire Shapes

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