Weather! or Not? Twisted Hunt Awesomeness

Published September 15, 2013 by lola79hienrichs

It’s rare I do a hunt nowadays, not because they aren’t fun; mostly because I am lazy. I remember the very first Twisted Hunt and my little tiny store was in that event. I still remember the horrible creation I made but years have passed and Twisted Hunt is still going strong. Twisted Hunt has become known as one of the hardest hunts to do on the grid. For those of you who are up for a challenge then I recommend you do this hunt, which ends within 2 weeks.

So I was playing the gacha in Weather! or Not? and Further Monday was nice enough to drop me a purple version of the awesome bumper cars. So in this post I’m going to showcase the gacha item, in lieu of the hunt item because I want you guys to find it.

Here is the gacha, and the sign that showcases all the colors available.
Gacha anybody?

This is the awesome hunt prize you need to look for in the store.
Weather!! or not? Twisted Hunt Prize

Just in case you are wondering, Weather! or Not? is a Twisted Hunt Sponsor and will be offering prizes at the Carnival.
Weather or not?

Strolling the Weather! or Not? Mainstore while getting pummeled by noob heads. It was awesome and if you are crazy like me you will yell “OMG LUNCH!!!”
Are you Hungry Yet?

Ok so here I am at home with my sissy poo Phire and her daughter Lillie and my little son Benji. Woah talk about run on sentence there 😛 Anywhoo……Phire and I told our kids no more cookies for the day. As you can see…..the children were not so pleased.
We told the kids "No more cookies!" ...... this is what happens

Alas, I also had the world’s worst passenger in my bumper car. Phire kept trying to grab the wheel. I mean I only hit the wall a few times. So this image portrays how petrified she was while I was driving.
Phire is mortified of my driving!!!

Weather! or Not? Mainstore slurl

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