Thank you for taking the time to glance at my blog. My name in Second Life is Lola79 Hienrichs, but I am often called “Pocket Lola” by a few of my close friends due to my rather short but cute stature. When I began blogging, I started off with my dear friend Willow Llewllyn. Now that she has more time to blog I figured it was time for me to wander off on my own.

In the past I have blogged major events such as : World Goth Fair, Fantasy Fair, Horror Fest, A Clockwork Spiral, FutureWave, and Hair Fair. There are also a few events I have blogged here and there that have helped me to improve my blogging style as well as picture taking techniques.

I currently blog for the following stores:

  • Adore & Abhor/Mabignion
  • AZE Jewelry Designs
  • Sakide
  • Vanity Poses

I am also a creator in SL, I work with clothing templates, SLINK Nails/Gloves/Stockings, and jewelry templates. My store name is Lolapop

I do welcome review copies, but please remember I would like to be contacted before you drop off items on me. I will need all information in regards to your product (i.e. when its released, is it for a event, is it at a special price, etc…). I do reserve the right to refuse to blog items that I feel are outside my blogging style.

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