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[Gauze] does it again!!!

Published September 27, 2014 by lola79hienrichs

Seriously my inner otaku squealled when I saw the new tattoo that was released by [Gauze] earlier this month. If you watched the anime Inuyasha you would know which character the tattoos are quite familiar to. Although they were not intended in this manner I still think Yuki’s inner otaku was coming out and shouting its love for Sesshomaru. I mean who wouldn’t fall in love with the character, he’s handsome and charismatic and he’s the bad boy 😉

Gauze Releases

Now I really wanted to be nude for this post but really I also wanted to PC also so I opted to wear these silks by Deviance. So as you can see above I am prancing about around oversized bird cages. I saw these on the sim and I knew they had to be part of my photo series. To me it was like hahaha you petty humans I am too smart to be caught by your stupid traps.

Gauze Releases

Now this picture is me not noticing the big flaw (aka side booby) until it was already on flickr. So I figured it’s safe to show everyone here since its not showing anything really just a little skin. This is a much closer look of the Kitsune Tattoo and the Arcane Dancer Silks. I was attempting some depth of field stuff inworld but i don’t think my computer can handle it XD.

Gauze Releases

Finally you get a closeup of the awesome new Asgard eyes. I am wearing the Sif set and I absolutely loved the lightning effect on the eyes. These are by far the most amazing eyes I have gotten so far this year. It really put together my look perfectly.

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