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Broken Pieces

Published March 27, 2013 by lola79hienrichs

Too late – this is not the answer
I need to pack it in
I can’t pull your heart together with just my voice alone
A thousand shards of glass I came to meet you in
You cut the peace out of me

I have always been a fan of Apocalyptica, and lately I have found myself being drawn to this song more and more over the past few weeks. I wasn’t going to share what I was going through but I figure what the heck. I lost my grandfather on the 28th of February due to several complication with Alzheimer’s Disease. All I knew was that the moment I found out the news I felt my heart break into pieces and what solidified it even more was taking a red-eye to New York only to find my Grandmother not dealing well with his loss.

So this post is in honor of my Grandparents and also how I feel at the moment. I knew I needed to do something more than just a fallen angel concept. I wanted to add more sorrow and pain to the image but without being overly traumatic.
Broken Pieces
From this picture I am attempting to show you the angels fall from grace, although I realized just now that I didn’t get a really great pic of the broken wings.

Broken Pieces
After fumbling over a look, I finally decided on this one. Skin is a favorite by Nomine, Roses by Glam Affair, Eyes & Body Tats by Chus, Facial Piercings by ni.ju, outfit and angel wings is from a new to me store called “X-plosion”.

Style Details:

  • Shoes: N-core COQUETTE Spikes “Black”
  • Posture Collar: *Perception* Neck Corset Alpha
  • Dress: *X*plosion DirtyDress (black)
  • Tattoo: Chus! Ghostly Holey Body & Eyes (gacha machine prize)
  • Wings:*X*plosion Broken Wings
  • Hairpiece: -Glam Affair- Queen of Roses Black Soul
  • Hair: Magika [Hair M] Forget
  • Lip Piercing: [ni.Ju] Lorr Piercing . monochrome/full
  • Facial Piercings:[ni. Ju] Marx Piercing . monochrome/typeBfull
  • Skin: Nomine Mosaic Skin China – aeolian black

I’m in a Bad Romance

Published February 12, 2013 by lola79hienrichs

Ever sit there and wonder where your relationship is going, only to realize you are really stuck in never ending horrible relationship rut. You try to make things better by spicing things up, but when your partner shows no interest… gotta take things into your own hands. Let out your inner Dom and take control of your relationship, either it will entice him or you can use it as a parting gift. Who needs to be stuck in a “Bad Romance”?

Bad Romance
I asked my friend Hideyuki to make me a couples pose set just for this weeks post. I described to him what I thought would be an image of a woman taking control. Ok maybe I have a little demented sense of humor but ehh everybody has their own little quirks. Since I know the title refers to a Lady Gaga song, I thought it would be wise to attempt to look a bit like her but Lola-styled. I didn’t bother getting the boys style details cuz he’s my super secret alt that I use to harass Phire 😛

I figured you might want to see a closeup of my absolutely stunning outfit. I hope you enjoy the view 😉
Bad Romance

Style Details

    Lingerie: Nomine Jesse Lingerie
    Boots:[Gang/Cold) An Angel Shoes- silver/white
    Tattoo: CANDYbleedingHEARTtat *mia*
    Eyes: Chus! Dolly Augen – Magenta
    Ring: RO – Fierce Ring (Left)
    Hair: [ploom] Dot – Blonde
    Skin: Essences – Amelie – Bittersweet – Red
    Pose: Custom Request “Bad Romance” – creator is Hideyuki Icthama of Lasaki